With the abundance of online casinos, there has never been a better time to gamble online. Anyone can become an online gambler, provided of course you have the money necessary to become one. But what about the legality of online gambling. Yes you can gamble online all you want, but are you breaking any laws in so doing?

There is no short answer for that question. Like most implemented laws throughout the world, the legality of online gambling generally depends on where you live. Your state or country may have laws that forbid any kind of online gambling, while the neighboring state may not have any.

In the United States for example, most states prohibit online gambling. Online casinos and web sites that offer gambling are also not allowed to operate in the US.

Herein lies the difficult nature in terms of the proper implementation of the laws that prohibit online gambling, and the punishment they entail – since most people who violate these laws are gambling at home, tracking every offender is near impossible. All the more so the prosecution and conviction of these people.

Since only a scant few are ever arrested and jailed for gambling online, the legality of online gambling may never have entered the mind of a lot of online gamblers. If you’re unsure of the legal nature of gambling in the place you live in, it’s best to find out before doing any gambling online. The responsibility of knowing if you’re breaking any laws is solely placed on the you.

Because the operation of online casinos is illegal in the United States, most online casinos have established their offices and servers in countries outside the US. An estimated 70 different countries located around the world do not have any laws against the operation of online casinos within their territory.

These countries include New Zealand, Denmark, South Korea, Germany and France. Registration is required for new members to play in these Web sites. Before you could start gambling in online casinos, agreement to their terms and conditions is also a strict requirement. Again, it is your sole responsibility to know if you’re not breaking any laws implemented in your area if you do decide to gamble online.

It is also customary for online casinos to set age limits for those who want to register in their site. If you do break any laws and are unfortunate enough to get caught, the money that you have won through online gambling could be relinquished and you could face criminal charges.

So gamble online at your own risks, but do yourself a favor and find out first if you’re breaking any laws. Always better safe than sorry.

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